Survey and Inspection of Buildings 

We have provided all manner of Building Surveys for thousands of properties over the twenty years since the Practice was founded. They range from small flats or houses, where even new houses can have many faults, to large period homes in various areas of the country, these have included a castle in the south east which is the largest brick building in Sussex dating from the time of Henry VIII. 
Do not hesitate to contact us for advice concerning your particular property matter. We aim to provide suitably priced advice to owners of all property types and concerning whatever property issue arises. If the matter is not within our field of expertise we can generally refer you to an appropriate professional. 
The usual 'Survey' is an inspection for purchase, of a Freehold or Leasehold of a Residential or Commercial property. Buyers of houses, flats and offices need a report to explain the condition of a building, whether it will be their own responsibility to maintain, or if they may have to contribute to a maintenance fund through a Lease, or maintain the property themselves, but accountable to a landlord. Our experience at spotting defects and assessing the importance of deterioration means that our Survey reports are detailed, accurate and very informative. We can explain specific points in greater detail where required. 
Subsidence, distortion and timber decay, deterioration, wiring, plumbing and other hot and cold water services all become out of date and observing these during survey inspection is an important part of overall reporting. 
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